No matter what holiday you are celebrating this time of year – every holiday tradition and celebration revolves around food and treats – the cookies, pies, desserts, special foods, office snacks and the list goes on….  Not to mention the holiday parties with the table full of luscious hors d’oeuvres!

Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day the average woman gains 5-10 pounds!  Here are the 3 Easy Tips to follow so you will NOT be a part of this statistic this year!

  1. Add more protein to every meal!

Try to add a little more protein to each meal.  Then just cut back a little on the amount of carbohydrate (like rice, bread or potatoes) you eat for that meal is the easiest way to start.  Protein keeps you full longer than either carbohydrates or fats!

Studies show that increasing your protein up to 30% of your calories daily will help you feel full faster so you will eat less calories throughout your day and will help you gradually lose weight.

I know from the thousands of women I have worked with, this is the BEST and easiest thing you can do!  We all need protein to ensure our muscles and all the rest of our body is properly nourished.  However, I have found that many women do not eat enough protein.  So just add a little more with every meal.  You will find you get full faster and you will start to lose weight!  When going to the holiday parties – fill your plate with proteins – nuts, shrimp, lean meats, cheese, etc.

Eating enough protein is also effective in minimizing belly fat!  The other good news is – once you have lost weight continuing to eat 25-30% of your calories from protein will help you keep the weight off!

  1. Start drinking more water and when at a holiday party enjoy a glass of water between each alcoholic drink!

There are many studies that show drinking more water aids weight loss and also helps maintain once you have lost weight.   Adding a few extra glasses each day is a great way to start.

Most women think they only need about 64 ounces per day – but if you weigh more than 128 pounds that is not enough!  The optimal amount depends on the individual’s size.  It is recommended to divide your weight by 2 and drink that many ounces of water per day.

You will be amazed with your results – the pounds start to drop and you’ll notice an increase in mental clarity.  Other benefits of proper hydration are an improvement in skin tone, aids digestion and may help relieve headaches.

  1. Start Mindful eating by examining your WHYS!

You might ask – What is mindful eating?  People usually have some “Whys” as to why they want to lose weight.  Maybe for a special event like a reunion, wedding, vacation, etc., but there are more important “WHY” to consider.

WHY are you eating right NOW?  Are you really hungry?  Is it time to eat?  Are you feeding an emotion – like anger, frustration, sadness or just lonely?

WHY did you select that certain food or drink?  Is it out of habit, for comfort, love the taste, everyone else is, craving it, because it’s healthy or maybe you’re being defiant – because it is NOT healthy? Is it to just nourish your body and show it some love?

During this holiday season – think about WHY are you attending this party, why are you eating this certain food, why are we celebrating this occasion?  Are you attending for the food or is the focus on family and friends or the socializing with fellow co-workers?  If we are not attending merely for the food – then set your mindset not on the food, but on the fun and socializing!

It’s a known fact – Diets Don’t Work!  So let’s change the focus away from dieting to creating a better, healthier you this holiday season –  by enjoying some of your favorite holiday foods and incorporating these 3 Easy Tips to be on your way to not becoming the average statistic this year!

I realize, the holidays are a very busy time of the year and it is easy to fall into old habits.   To discover more tips and tricks and how to easily avoid the 5 Biggest Mistakes that pack on the  Holiday Pounds, join the  “No Guilt, No Gain Holidays” where I daily provide a 2-3 minutes video of tips, tricks and technique to help you enjoy your holiday foods while NOT gaining the holiday 5-10 pounds!  CLICK HERE to join!

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