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About Me – Cathy Frost

I am a Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach who has been an advocate and leader in the Health and Wellness field for 29 years.  I’m the founder of Forget Diets Forever and have personally helped more than 5,000 women lose weight, improve their health and get in better shape.

My passion for coaching women began 29 years ago when I joined Marshalltown Medical and Surgical Center as a Wellness Coordinator.  With a degree in nutrition education and having personally overcome my own weight issues, I felt a kinship to the women I coached, helping them not only to improve their diets, but their overall life style.

You see, I grew up with a weight problem.  During my second year at Iowa State studying nutrition, the realization struck that unless I had my own weight under control, no one would take my nutrition advice seriously.  I needed more than a quick fix; I needed a complete lifestyle change so I could not only shed the extra weight, but keep it off.  So, with unwavering determination, I embarked on my challenge, lost the weight and have managed to keep it off for decades!  My success was not a result of crash diets or unhealthy diet pills, but something much simpler: a mindset change.

By working hard to control my inner critic, I was able to completely change my relationship with food, cutting back on unhealthy foods and building time into each day for added movement and functional exercises.  My journey was by no means perfect.  I have faced the same twists, turns and bumps in the road that we all face, but it was how I handled life’s curveballs that allowed me to succeed.  With the simple realization that we all face setbacks, I gave myself the time I needed to overcome the challenges and fully resume my healthier habits.

After my husband’s job moved us to Connecticut, I served as the nutritionist and Certified Life Style Counselor at Women’s Care Medical Center  for ten years.  Serving in this capacity led me to the discovery that strength training was the missing link in women’s fitness.  In 2001 I opened my first women’s fitness center where I continued my passion of helping women improve their health and overall wellness.  I then expanded my brand to include a total of five women’s fitness centers.

On my journey throughout the last 29 years, I have continued to learn new techniques and have added new certifications to better equip me in coaching women on their journey toward improving their own health, wellness, happiness and love for themselves and others!

I continually strive to take my passion to the next level.  My most recent extensive training led me to become a Certified Integrative Wellness and Life Coach.  With this new certification, I am well equipped and empowered to help women break down their personal barriers, enabling them to live their best and healthiest lives!

I also realize that most women think they know what they should do to lose weight and improve their health.  However, I’m here to tell them diets don’t work and free women from the diet mentality once and for all!  It’s more than just diet and exercise – there’s a bigger picture at play.  My goal is to help women through new discoveries, to create and establish new skills and techniques to bring better balance and love to all aspects of their life – mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.

Throughout the years, I have come to understand why DIETS DON’T WORK!  This has led me to launch my newest business “FORGET DIETS FOREVER”! Through my programs I empower women to overcome their own “baggage” and remove the guilt and/or frustration related to their weight, body or health.  With new discoveries and techniques, women can create and establish new skills and habits to regain control of their lives, therefore improving their health, wellness, happiness and love for themselves and others.



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