Are YOU The President Of…….

Are YOU the president of…….

Are you the president of……

Have you ever stopped to think about this question, are you the president of your life?

According to Mirriam-Webester Unabridged, a president is the chief officer of an organization usually entrusted with the direction and administration of its policies.  Have you taken charge of your direction and the administration of the things you’d like to do for you? defines a president as a person who presides – to exercise management or control over.  Again, being the president of our life is taking the control over our whole life.

We women so often find ourselves very short on time to focus on being in control of our lives because we are continually taking care of so many other people and things before focusing on ourselves.

With today being President’s Day I would like to encourage you to stop and think for a couple minutes – who really is the president of your life, your body and your mind?

It can be easy as women to release some of that control to others, maybe family, our work or other people in our lives.  We might find ourselves doing things to please others or to help them or make them feel happy.  But it might come with the price of less time to nurture ourselves.

Each day be grateful that you can be the person in charge of the total you!  Then show your body and mind a little more love each day.

Enjoy being the president of you!

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