Are Your Emotions Impacting Your Weight Or Health?

Are your emotions impacting your weight or health?

This week we have reviewed our emotional system. Did you take a few minutes to think about your emotions and could they be influencing your weight and health?

It sometimes may be easier to de-stress with a glass of wine instead of going for a walk, working out, meditating for a couple minutes or handling the stress in a more appropriate long lasting manner.

Diets usually do not deal with our emotions – we are to just follow and eat what is recommended. Does this really help solve some of the real issues at hand?

I encourage you to start being more mindful when you are eating. Is it because you are truly hungry or it is because something is eating at you – like frustration, sadness, unhappiness, etc.?

Our emotional system is not just about “feeling food or having good relationships,” but more about HOW we process and release our emotions as opposed to WHAT we process!

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