Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It TOO?

Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It TOO?

Have you been struggling to decide how to lose a few pounds this year but you want to keep it off for real this time? As we enter the third week of January, it is estimated that about 40-50% women have started some type of diet this year!  Most of these women have gone on at least one diet before, lost weight and then regained most of the lost weight or even  more.

And yet it is also found that most women will only remain on the diet for 5 weeks and 2 days – so WHY start again?

I know this is true as I hear this EVERY day from the women who are joining my Forget Diets Forever Empower You Group!!!

Then WHY keep trying the same old thing again and again?????  Because most are wanting to shed a few pounds, improve their health and maybe even do things they haven’t been able to do because of their weight … but they don’t know what else to do.  They even often feel it is their fault!

As I discussed in last week’s blog – Did You KNOW…   Diet’s Don’t Work and it is NOT the dieter’s fault!!!

Most people find that they really cannot give up the foods they love forever and that when dieting and not allowed to eat these favorite foods their cravings are enhanced!  Who wants to keep fighting that battle?

Then when you also recognize that about 30% of the weight lost was lean muscle, you find your metabolism has also decreased.  So now your metabolism is even lower than before you started the diet!

The good news is you can eat your favorite foods and still lose weight.  Plus the extra good news is you won’t increase your cravings or lower your metabolism!

In other words – you can have your cake and eat it too!!!!!

The solution is to design “Your Forever Food Plan” so you can eat your favorite foods, forget dieting forever and fit into your skinny jeans at last!

Tanya was surprised that even during the holidays she lost 7 pounds in just two weeks!  She stated “The Forever Food Plan allowed me to remove the guilt and FREE myself from the Diet Mentality – Plus become more balanced in my like, mentally emotionally and physically.”  She was able to eat her favorite foods and enjoy the holiday sweets guilt free!

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Not only will you be able to STOP Counting Points, but you can Kick Start your Metabolism!

It is possible to have your cake and eat it too!

See you on the webinar.

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