Did You KNOW???

Did You KNOW???

Did You KNOW…………

I have found that for many women, it is hard to give up on the diet mentality – especially this time of year.  Yet Diet’s Don’t Work and it is NOT the Dieter’s fault, it is the diet’s fault!!!

Are you aware that when you go on a diet, about 30% of the weight you lose is LEAN muscle!!!!  NOT fat.

Most people I talk with think the weight they lose is fat and maybe a little water weight, but they are shocked to learn that about 30% is lean muscle!  Yes, it’s true and you can easily tell by the sagging body parts.  For every pound of muscle you lose you decrease your metabolism by 35-50 calories a day.

That may not seem like much, but if you only lose 10 pounds – 3 pounds is lean muscle and you just lowered your metabolism 105 – 150 calories/day!  If you lost 20 pounds you would double those numbers!  It really starts to add up!

No wonder it is almost impossible to keep the lost weight off with your metabolism being so much lower than before you started the diet.  But the real thing to understand – it is NOT the dieter’s FAULT!!!!

So if you are thinking about trying to drop a few pounds, what should you do that will really work and create lasting results?

I’m hosting a FREE webinar – How to STOP “Counting Points” and Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans (and forget diets forever).  Just click here to register.

What you will discover on this live webinar…..

  • How to STOP counting points and Kick Start your Metabolism
  • How to create lasting weight loss without giving up your favorite foods
  • How to get into your skinny jeans once and for all

This live webinar is for you if you are…

  • Sick and tired of losing weight, counting points, eliminating your favorite foods, gaining the weight back and then having to do it over and over again
  • Wanting to stop dieting forever, feel fabulous in a swim suit and fit into your skinny jeans
  • Against giving up your favorite foods and following a strict diet.

You have a solution click here to register for the Free “How to STOP Counting Points and Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans” (and forget diets forever).

So, DON’T start a diet program again expecting different results, unless you are wanting to lower your metabolism even more.

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