Don’t Make New Years Resolutions This Year!

Don’t Make New Years Resolutions This Year!

Don’t make New Year’s Resolutions this year!!!

WOW, you are probably thinking “WHAT???” Not make Resolutions this year – why not?

Many people will ditch their New Year’s Resolutions by January 12th which means they only tried for 10 days!  It’s found that over 80% of those who made Resolutions don’t accomplish them!

So why do most people who make Resolutions fail?  They make Resolutions that are vague, not specific, and do not include a WHY!

To create lasting change it is important to set detailed and explicit goals.  So how do you set goals so they can be achievable?

First write out what you really would love to accomplish and then write out in detail WHY!  The WHY is so very important and yet the part of goals that is often missing.

The WHY should include – How will your life change when you reach your goal?  What will your life be like when you reach your goal?  What will you be able to do that you currently struggle with?  How will you feel – more energy, confidence, happier?

This needs to be specific – not something like able to hike with my kids – but able to hike a specific trail or a specific distance – like hike 5 miles without stopping.

If it is around weight loss – not just lose 25 pounds but how will your life improve when you lose the 25 pounds?  Be able to get down on the floor with the grandkids and up easily, lower your blood pressure, participate in a run with your kids or play tennis, etc.

The WHY will keep you moving toward your goals and empower you to stay focused on the new vision of you!!!

Once you have your WHY – it’s time to create your goals with a plan by setting SMART goals!

  • S – Specific and yet Simple – don’t over complicate the goal or you may become overwhelmed
  • M = Measurable and meaningful to you. Yes this goal is personal – something you really want to do for yourself – not because someone told you that you needed to do it!
  • A = Achievable yet audacious enough to be very motivating. In other words it needs to be a little bit of a stretch, bold!
  • R = Realistic – reachable yet rewarding and real exciting – this is where the WHY is so very important
  • T = Timed and moving Towards. Timed– so you can break the goal into timelines as to when you want to reach it.  The T also needs to mean that you are moving toward your WHY and not away from something.

Then it’s essential to get into an empowering mindset – the “I am…” mindset.  To be the person in our vision, we need to start acting as that person.  This is where “I AM” statements come in.  “I am a healthy person”, “I am fit” or whoever it is you are focusing on becoming.  These statements will help you develop the mindset of your vision and makes developing new habits much easier.

Your goals need to be visible so you can daily see them and what you will be doing each day to reach them.  I have created a “My Daily Forget the Diet Planner” to help you design your goals and track your progress.  CLICK HERE for your FREE planner.

Celebrating your WINs (successes) daily is also very important!  Being grateful for each success will propel you to the next.  Focusing on your successes and not the negatives – what you think you should have, could have or would have –  will also keep you in a positive mindset which empowers you to stay focused on reaching your SMART goals!

So this year don’t make New Year’s Resolutions – write out what you’d love to achieve in 2020 and your WHYs!  Then create your SMART goals so you will have clear vision in 2020 to design your path to creating the life you love and reaching your goals!

For your FREE planner to designing simple changes to create the life you love CLICK HERE for the “My Daily Forget the Diet Planner”.

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