Drinking More WATER Will Help You Lose Weight!

Drinking more WATER will help you lose weight!

There are many studies that show drinking more water aids weight loss and also helps maintain once you have lost weight. Adding a few extra glasses each day is a good way to start.

There are many differing opinions as to how much you should drink each day. The optimal amount depends on the individual, but it is suggested to start out with between 34 – 67 ounces each day to see weight loss. Also, it is best to have this be from water only flavored with something natural like a slice of cucumber, lemon, lime, other fruit or a pinch of mint – not any artificial sweetener.

Studies also show that drinking cold water will require more calories as your body need to warm it to your body temperature.

Drinking a glass of water has also been shown to decrease the calorie intake for that meal and assists in reduction of weight. As you are gradually increasing your water content try adding a glass before each meal.

There are many other benefits of drinking water such as helping with mental focusing, improving your skin tone and helping relieve headaches.

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