Has Your Energy Packed Up And Left?

Has Your Energy Packed Up and Left?

Has your energy packed up and left? 

Do you wish you could have it revived?

So many women today are struggling with energy depletion – too much to do and not enough hours or energy to get it all done.  The good news is there are a few simple ways to revive it!

This is what happened to Janie…

When I first met Janie – she was stressed out, tired all the time and not feeling comfortable with herself plus she just couldn’t lose weight so nothing seems to fit anymore.

She said she’d tried diet after diet to no avail.  After spending countless hours in the gym exercising – still little or no results.

Janie stated “All the personal trainers and the diet gurus in the world are asking for crazy expensive fees to tell you to eat less and exercise more.  If that were the solution, I’d be skinny right now.  Something is missing.  There has to be a missing piece to the puzzle.  I’m so frustrated right now!”

Janie was excited when she learned that my “Easy Daily Plan to Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans” started by focusing on igniting energy – not on eating less and moving more!  She said if that’s what we’ll focus on “I’m in!!!”

After just 10 days I received this email:

I have been following the program, it really is amazingly easy. I wish mothers of girls would teach this to their pre-teen daughters so they would live a life of health and energy and never have weight worries as young women and through their entire lives! 

 Often times I put myself last behind everyone else’s needs. But this program is teaching me that you don’t have to expend a lot of time or energy on yourself to change your health and outlook. It’s quite easy to do now without feeling guilty that I am being selfish.  Janie

Then after 4 weeks this email:

I love how you have us focus on only one simple change at a time.  You’re never bombarded with a list of unattainable goals or rules to follow. As a matter of fact, you make your own rules!  You literally can have your cake and eat it too with this simple, easy to follow program!  You are never deprived and there is absolutely no guilt!  You are encouraged to believe in yourself, count your wins, big or small, and to always treat yourself better!

I love this new way of thinking, of doing, of being free of feeling guilty over past failures.

It is not a “diet” it is a seriously easy, obtainable lifestyle change.

I would recommend Forget Diets Forever to anyone who is struggling with weight loss. Especially due to slow or stalled out metabolism like I was.  This will give you a new outlook on how, not only to lose weight, but to obtain a healthier way of living and to treat yourself better.

BTW – I was shocked to lose 10 pounds in just 4 weeks!!!  💕 Janie

You can be Janie – you can have these same results by just changing your focus to revive your energy not just lose weight.

Join the Skinny Jeans Gals membership program today.

Within this membership you will discover how to create lasting weight loss without giving up the foods you love – no counting points or calories.  It’s our “Easy Daily Plan to Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans” – a 29 day simple, short plan with a quick daily video and cheat sheets plus simple trackers to guide you on your new path.

Plus you will uncover techniques to break free from the dieting mentality, get rid of the guilt around foods and quiet the inner critic – just like Janie!

To create lasting weight loss it’s essential to explore beyond what to eat or how to move – that’s old school.

At Forget Diets Forever we implement our integrative and comprehensive approach to designing improved balance within our whole person – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems.   Each week will provide a fresh approach to one of these systems to empower better balance within.

For more information CLICK HERE.  When you decide to join the Skinny Jeans Gals Membership and use the coupon GETSKINNYNOW before 11:59 PM EDT October 24, 2019, you’ll receive an amazing discount!


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