How Do You Show…..

How Do You Show…..

How do you show your body some love?

During this month of love and with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, most of the focus is on showering love on those special people in our lives.  It’s a wonderful thing to do!

But it is also important to not leave yourself out.  How do you show yourself some love?

Your body hears EVERYTHING your mind says!  What is your body hearing?  Love and happiness or something like dissatisfaction, frustration, anger, hurt, denial….

What do you think and say to yourself when you look in the mirror?

Do you notice the great, wonderful, beautiful things about your body or do you notice the wrinkles, bulges or other things you are not satisfied with regarding your body size of shape?

How does that make you feel?

Our body gives us the gift of life every day.

Think of all our different body parts, heart, brain, eyes, ears, hands, feet and the list goes on that all work together in harmony to help us live each day doing all the many things we depend on it to do.

As women, our body may have also given life to others – our children.

Our body provides us so much to be grateful for and yet we often only notice what we like to call our flaws.

No matter who we are and what shape our body is in, we have so much to grateful for.  So the next time you look in the mirror – change the focus to the beautiful, wonderful things about you and your body.

It’s important that we like our self and our body, and then it is easier to make healthier choices and create a space to promote more self-love.

How will you show your body a little love today?

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