How Many Did You Enjoy???

How Many Did You Enjoy???

How many Snickers or other “Fun” size candy did you eat from the Halloween trick or treat bucket last night? 1, 2, 3 or maybe more… and how much “Fun” was really in those fun size bars?

It happens to the best of us… but the good news is – it was only one night and today is not only a new day but a new month!!!  You can easily halt that process today…

I know how enticing it can be after the first Snickers to reach for just one more and then the sugar craving kicks in and as you finish that glass of wine the 2 multiply into more…

I’ve been there and done that but why feel guilty, frustrated or let it continue into a second or third day?  Today instead of worrying about what you did – there is an easy and simple fix!

Start your day focusing on water – yes – just plan or sparkling water.  A glass of water first thing in the morning will start to boost your hydration and assist you in recovering from that sugar buzz, refresh your brain and also start to quiet your hunger hormone – ghrelin!!!

The old ghrelin loves to have you NOT drink water so it will entice you to grab more of those sweet, delicious Snickers – at least for 1 more day.

If you want to kick the Snickers habit, start today and start with water – don’t let 1 day turn into 2,3 or more.  Make sure you drink another glass every 2 hours or so.  Then, guess what… those Snickers will be in your past.

Secondly DON”T skip any meals today to make up for all those Snicker’s calories – skipping meals will  only increase the need for another snickers.  You’ll be hungrier when you skip meals and it will be easier to justify just one more.

Instead, up your protein throughout your entire day beginning with breakfast.  It could be a simple protein shake, then have plenty of protein with your lunch and dinner.  If you find yourself ready to reach for the Snickers mid- afternoon – grab a Kind Bar with nuts (it really tastes better than the Snickers) and enjoy the protein rich goodness without any guilt.

Speaking of guilt – why do foods make us feel guilty?  Probably because someone told us that you shouldn’t eat certain foods.  Usually it is the diet industry – or maybe your mom – but whoever it was – our selection of a high sugar or high calorie food should NOT cause us guilt!  That’s a story for another day!

Crystal – had a pop (soda) addiction – when she began to focus on just adding water and then adding protein for every meal and for her that meant having breakfast.  She not only kicked the soda habit but lost 8 pounds the first month – without giving up the foods she loves!

When you switch the focus to what to add – water and protein – and away from what you feel you shouldn’t have – those forbidden foods – you will be successful.  Adding water and protein are the keys to cutting cravings and creating lasting weight loss.

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