How You Start Your Day Does Matter!

How You Start Your Day Does Matter!

How do you start your day?

Are you like 85% of people who wake up to an alarm sound either from an alarm clock, smart phone or electronic device?

Then what do you do? Jump out of bed ready for the day or are you like 66% of women who hit the snooze button at least once before getting up?

If you don’t wake up before your alarm, you are probably not getting enough sleep.  It is found that only about 1 of 7 people wake up ready for their day!

Here are several things you can do to start your day on a more positive note!

First, as you get out of bed, write down 3 things you are grateful for.  This may sound a little difficult especially if you really wanted to get a few more winks.  But creating a short gratitude list will empower your brain to look at things differently.

Regularly expressing gratitude changes the molecular structure of the brain.  Gratitude can boost the neurotransmitter serotonin and activate the production of dopamine – similar to some anti-depressant!

Creating a gratitude list has been found to decrease depression, improve sleep and often decrease your aches and pains.  But they also found that as you start seeing things to be grateful for your brain will start focusing on more things to be grateful for and a positive virtuous cycle begins – helping your day to be much more pleasant and positive!

Being in a state of gratitude also increases happiness, improves self-esteem, increases mental strength, and improves physical health.

Then as you look into the mirror, put on a smile.

A simple smile will also boost your mood, lower your blood pressure, help you deal with stressful situations more effectively, make you more likeable, improve your immune system,  and is associated with a longer life span!

Do a quick stretch!

It will put you in touch with your body and all that is does for you.  You will notice more gratitude toward it and begin to treat it with a little more kindness – both in what you say to it and how you nourish and care for it.

Then have a quick, protein enriched breakfast.

It too can be easy.  A simple protein shake, a quick scramble of a few eggs or an easy bowl of oatmeal.

Having breakfast within the first 60 minutes after rising will greatly boost your metabolism and energize your body as you start your day.

Waiting to eat breakfast until you arrive at work will not have the same affect in boosting your metabolism.  By then you have already triggered your body to conserve energy and decrease your metabolism.

Skipping breakfast is a wonderful way to not only slow your metabolism, but to encourage the scale to go up!

Also, note – a cup of coffee and a quick bagel or pastry is not a protein rich breakfast and will also not boost your metabolism.  Instead it will spike your blood glucose levels and lead to fat storage!

Starting your day on a positive, grateful and healthy note does not need to take more than a couple minutes, but you will reap great benefits both in your health, emotions and your productivity!  It is an amazing investment of a few minutes a day!

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