I Like Little Spoons….

I like Little Spoons….

You probably know I love ice cream – I can’t lie.  But I love gelato even more – it’s a perfect union of similar to ice cream but in a small dish with a teeny-tiny spoon.

After we finished dinner at the Black Walnut Café in Alpharetta, GA, I ordered a small gelato – half dark chocolate and half salted caramel – what an amazing combination!

As I was about to walk away, I turned to the counter and asked the waitress for a second spoon as I was sharing with my hubby.

My hubby responded with – “no bother – I’ll go over there and get a spoon – they have bigger ones there”.

Well – gelato was never meant to be eaten with a regular spoon – so he relinquished and settled for the traditional teeny-tiny one.

I love using smaller bowls and plates.  They are a great way to control portions size and this is what I have done since I lost my weight decades ago.  Size does matter!

Remember, you can “eat the foods you love and still lose weight” just cut down and not out.

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