One Scoop Or Two?

One Scoop or Two?

One Scoop or two? What is your choice?

Most people know I love ice cream, good dark chocolate and nice red wine.

So often, the women I coach find it hard to believe you can have ice cream, chocolate and even wine and still lose weight.

Because of this old diet mentality, they have a difficult time trying to work their favorite foods into their eating without feeling guilty. With coaching they are surprised to see they can with exciting results!

You see, I grew up as a heavy child – and ice cream was my friend.

When I finally realized it was time to do something about my weight – I knew I wanted to create lasting weight loss! No more of that Yo-Yo dieting game – that wasn’t working for me.

I also knew I couldn’t live without my ice cream and love of dark chocolate forever. Doing without them only made me crave them more and when I yielded to that craving – then came all the guilt – not good.

Why should I feel guilty about having some ice cream or dark chocolate? Just because some people were telling me or at least making me feel I was bad if I ate them????

Our choice of food does not make us good or bad – we are all GOOD women!

I did lose all those extra pounds, even with enjoying ice cream and some chocolate – and the real good news is I have kept it off for decades!!! (and I still enjoying my ice cream, dark chocolate and red wine!)

Over the past 25 years I have helped over 5,000 women create lasting weight loss even while enjoying their favorite foods, and I can help you too!

So how can you do this – well part of the answer is how you answer the question “One scoop or Two?”

Too often today if we order the double or the next bigger size because we see it as a better deal – two scoops together costs less than 2 single scoops! But what is the real cost to us – more calories???

Size does matter and a little can go a long way. I realized it was the flavor that I enjoyed – not the quantity, as extra ice cream was a big part of what created my weight issues in the first place.

Just last night in my “Your Forever Food Plan” program, one of the women was sharing how hard it is to get out of the diet mentality – and it is!

But once you break free and realize you can have your cake and eat it too, you will be able to create the lasting weight loss you are constantly seeking and be able to jump off that diet rollercoaster once and for all!

If you are interested in how to choose the one scoop and not two CLICK HERE for a FREE 30 minute chat with me. I’ll share with you how you can do it too!

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