One Size Doesn’t Fit ALL

One Size Doesn’t Fit ALL

One Size Doesn’t Fit ALL – and NEVER will!

Have you ever stopped to wonder why all the traditional diets have EVERY woman follow the exact same plan?  It doesn’t matter whether you want to lose 20 pounds or 50 pounds – everyone is expected to do the same thing.

How can anyone be expected to follow the same program and yet want different results?  Who really wants to be exactly like everyone else?

Every woman is unique and we should be glad and proud that we are.  It also means that we shouldn’t be expected to do the exact thing that worked for another woman.  We all have unique metabolisms, body type, size, shape, muscle mass, food likes and dislikes and the list goes on…

They also never mention metabolism – if yours is slower than someone else – how can you be treated the same?

In fact – they don’t ever address how to increase metabolism – which is a basic cause for the weight gain in the first place!

To create lasting weight loss it is important to understand that one size doesn’t fit all!

It’s important that you take into consideration where your metabolism is as you begin to embark on creating lasting weight loss.  Why has slowed – multiple diets, perimenopause, menopause, lifestyle …?

With most diets today, women are losing muscle – at least 25% of the weight lost is muscle!  If you lost 20 pounds on a diet you slowed your metabolism about 250 calories/day!  This means your metabolism in now 250 calories slower every day than when you started the diet -and you thought your metabolism was slow before you started it!

Losing muscle is one of the biggest culprits in slowing metabolism.  Yet no diet programs help you increase your metabolism and so it is next to impossible to create lasting weight loss.

With my Easy Daily Plan to Fit into Your Skinny Jeans program – it is NOT one size fits all.  In fact we do not start with food – instead we begin with a few simple things to boost your metabolism!

When you boost your metabolism, you’ll have more energy plus you will burn more calories making it much simpler to create lasting weight loss.

As we continue into the program, there are no forbidden foods – in fact women are encouraged to NOT avoid the foods you love – but incorporate them into your personal plan.  When you forbid yourself from eating your favorite foods – you will usually crave them more.  Why should you expect to live the rest of your life without your favorite foods?

You will be guided to design your unique path to creating lasting weight loss while incorporating your favorite foods.  To create lasting weight loss it’s essential to explore beyond what to eat or how to move – that’s old school!

Then we come together as a community to uplift and support each other to find and celebrate your unique path.

Here is what Donna had to say:

“The Forget Diets Forever Easy Daily Plan has changed my life.  I found increased energy within the first week, clearer mind by the second week and after four weeks had a weight loss of 9 pounds while enjoying my birthday with a celebration glass of wine including the cake!”

CLICK HERE to join this personalized program to create lasting weight loss  You will also become a part of the Skinny Jeans Gals community of women who will encourage and support you every step of the way.

At Forget Diets Forever we implement our integrative and comprehensive approach to designing improved balance within our whole person – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual systems.

Each week you will receive a fresh approach to one of these systems to empower better balance within.

Get real advice and guidance from a real woman who understands the struggles women go thru trying to fit into a one size fits all program!    CLICK HERE to get started.

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