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This program is for you if:

  • Your life is messy, too busy, too complicated, or stressful with no time for you
  • Feeling you are not living the life you deserve
  • Want to overcome your “baggage” and discover methods to be empowered to make lasting changes within a short time frame  
  • Want to uncover the core issues, habits patterns, negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are major road blocks affecting your health and wholeness as a person
  • Want to create your personalized Wellness Action Plan and be equipped and empowered to make effective changes in your life so you can forget diets forever

This short 6 session program is perfect for you if you want to do or quickly achieve any of the following:

  • Forget Diets Forever – not need to follow a restricting weight loss diet anymore
  • Claim some time for you in your very busy life to create better balance quickly
  • Be relieved of limiting beliefs and negative emotions


  • 60 minute private comprehensive session: Self Discovery session with Cathy
  • 60 minute session: Design your Wellness Action Path toward lifelong wellness with Cathy
  • Two 30 minute sessions
    • Create a Mind Map to set intentions and actions to create better balance
    • Discuss and process insights learned through ECM session
  • 90 minute Emotional Clearing Method (ECM)Session – sequence will be personalized within the Wellness Action Plan
    • ECM helps release negative emotions and limiting beliefs which may be preventing you from living your life to your fullest potential
    • This session will be followed within the week by one of the above 30-45 minute sessions to discuss and process things that came up during this session
  • 45 minute session – Moving Forward -Your Continuing Journey with Cathy

The benefits you will enjoy:

  • Personal plan to move you towards wellness and health in the areas of your mind (thought life and patterns), emotions (emotions and relationships, physical (physical health or physical surroundings/situations such as career of finance) and spiritual health (awareness and spirituality).
  • Through the ECM session you will remove some of the barriers in your journey toward total wellness
  • Become equipped with new techniques to help create and sustain balance in all areas of your life –  mental, emotional, physical and spiritual 
  • Empowered through new discoveries and techniques to create and establish new skills and habits to regain control of your life thus improving your health, happiness and love for yourself and others.


  • Workbook
  • Daily Journal Quick & Easy
  • Downloadable guide of techniques that will help you improve balance in each of the four areas – Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual
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