Sparkling Water…

Sparkling Water…

Sparkling Water…

Sparkling mineral water, club soda or seltzer – what is the difference?

They are all types of carbonated water.

Carbonated water is created by the infusion of carbon dioxide gas into still water to produce bubbles.

This causes the water to become a little acidic and triggers a little prickly, burning sensation that may be both irritating and enjoyable.

But don’t worry, drinking a carbonated water does not make your body more acidic.

Club soda is carbonated water that has also been infused with added minerals to enhance the flavor and give it a slightly salty taste.  However, these minerals are mostly for taste rather than health.

Seltzer is carbonated water but does not contain the added minerals so the taste is more similar to water.  Without the added minerals, seltzer often is enhances with natural flavorings like citrus.  Seltzer and sparkling water are basically the same.

Sparkling mineral water such as Perrier is naturally carbonated from a spring or well with naturally occurring carbonation.

All of these types of waters have similar nutritional profiles.

They are all very suitable alternatives to still water in helping keep you hydrated and for some these might offer an excellent change in flavor.

Did you know that drinking these forms of sparkling water (filtered water with carbonation, only bubbles are added) has the same healthy benefits of still water? It does!

Plus it has been found that drinking sparkling water has some added health and weight loss benefits.

  • Since the water is filtered you can be sure that any organic compounds, contaminants and harmful chemicals have been removed.
  • Studies that show that people who drank sparkling water had significant improvements in digestive symptoms, constipation and gallbladder emptying!
  • It was also found that women who drank sparkling water on an empty stomach felt fuller than when they drank still water – so drinking sparkling water can aid in eating less and weight loss!

So if you are finding it difficult or boring to always drink enough plain water to reach your hydration goal – try adding some sparkling water!

When selecting flavored sparkling water – make sure it is flavored with ONLY natural flavors – not any artificial sweeteners.

The beauty of these types of carbonated beverages – they are a form of water and not to be confused with the sweetened carbonated beverages more commonly known as soda or pop depending on where you live.

Sweetened carbonated beverages have been linked to weight gain and obesity, kidney disease, insulin resistance and an increase risk of heart disease, cancer, gout and dementia!

Also, don’t mix these bubbly waters for Tonic water – which is high in calories and sugar!

Drinking sparkling water is a great way to add variety to help reach your hydration goals, plus it can also help improve digestive symptoms, constipation and gallbladder emptying!

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