One Scoop or Two?

One Scoop Or Two?

One Scoop or two? What is your choice? Most people know I love ice cream, good dark chocolate and nice red wine. So often, the women I coach find it hard to believe you can have ice cream, chocolate and…

February is American Heart Month

February Is American Heart Month

The American Heart Association is focusing on raising awareness that heart disease is the #1 killer of women!!! They kick off the month encouraging women to support the Go Red for Women Day to raise awareness that heart disease is…

Can You Have Your Cake and Eat It TOO?

Can You Have Your Cake And Eat It TOO?

Have you been struggling to decide how to lose a few pounds this year but you want to keep it off for real this time? As we enter the third week of January, it is estimated that about 40-50% women have…

Did You KNOW???

Did You KNOW???

Did You KNOW………… I have found that for many women, it is hard to give up on the diet mentality – especially this time of year.  Yet Diet’s Don’t Work and it is NOT the Dieter’s fault, it is the…

What’s Going to be New this year for YOU?

What’s Going To Be New This Year For YOU?

What’s going to be new in the New Year for YOU? Did you make any New Year’s Resolutions as we entered into 2019?  If so, are they different from last years?  Were you able to keep the ones you made…

Strong Friendships Improve Our Health

Strong Friendships Improve Our Health

Friendship Friday! Friends have a positive effect on our health! Several studies have shown strong friendships can improve our happiness, self-esteem and sense of belonging plus our decrease stress. They have also found that having good friends can reduce blood…

Drinking more WATER will help you lose weight!

Drinking More WATER Will Help You Lose Weight!

There are many studies that show drinking more water aids weight loss and also helps maintain once you have lost weight. Adding a few extra glasses each day is a good way to start. There are many differing opinions as…

Are your emotions impacting your weight or health?

Are Your Emotions Impacting Your Weight Or Health?

This week we have reviewed our emotional system. Did you take a few minutes to think about your emotions and could they be influencing your weight and health? It sometimes may be easier to de-stress with a glass of wine…

5 Steps to Understand Our Emotions

5 Steps To Understand Our Emotions

I broadcasted live on facebook today to discuss steps to understanding our emotions of fear, love, happiness, sadness and anger. Follow me and catch my next live video.