Welcome To July!

Welcome to July!

It’s a new month, the beginning of a new week and the beginning of the 2nd half of 2018. Boy does the time fly!

Do you set goals for your month? What about for your week? 
With a new month can come new goals. I’d love to encourage you to set at least 1 goal related to doing something for you each day (and don’t have it be weight related)! Please take a look at the unit I posted describing our 4 body systems.

As you know our 4 systems are interwoven so as we make a small change in one it will have an effect on the others. What is one thing in one of your systems that you could make a small change and stick with it for the month? Please remember by saying you are planning to stick to it for a month – you start with just taking a day at a time. Also, no one is perfect – so you should NOT expect perfection – but instead having the mindset toward improvement!

It could be a simple as starting each day by jotting down 3 things you are grateful for. You might be amazed at how that will change the way you will look at some things in your life!

Or maybe you might try to improve the amount of water you drink each day. Our bodies need water and did you know by drinking water you can improve your brain power, improve your complexion, boost your immune system and of course help flush out toxins – just to name a few.

What will you select as 1 goal you will set for you this month? Please comment so we can all do this together.

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