What Will You Do For You Heart Today?

What will you do for you heart today?

What will you do for your heart today?

It is very easy to get so involved in taking care of everyone else that we often don’t have time to take care of ourselves.  It seems like life is always getting in the way…

February is American Heart Month and this year the focus is to create awareness that Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of WOMEN!

Heart disease kills more women than ALL forms of cancer combined!

But there is GOOD NEWS – nearly 80% of cardiac events can be prevented!!!

It’s important we make our health a priority.  We can start by just making one or two simple changes and claim responsibility for caring for our heart beginning today.

It’s the weekend and you’re important so why not take just a few minutes to do something for you and your heart this weekend?  Then see if you can continue this small change for the coming week to help reduce your risks.  In just 5-15 minutes you can make a big difference!

Maybe think about your stress.  Stress can be a major contributor to high blood pressure and there are a few great ways to help reduce your stress without even working out or changing your foods…

  • Begin practicing gratitude and finding joy! Start your day by writing down 3 things you are grateful for and then end your day with the same activity.  This will help create a more positive focus for each day.  Plus you will find you will soon be able to respond to more difficult situations focusing on the positive and not the negative – reducing your stress and stressors.
  • Find a few minutes each day – even if you are extremely busy to sit quietly, breathe deeply and clear your mind, focusing on your breathing or a peaceful place in your mind. Meditation can have a great positive impact on both your blood pressure and your mood!

Your heart should be your most prized possession.  Look at what all it does for you each day.  Why not try to spend just a few minutes showing it some love starting today?

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