Will The Candy Make It To Halloween?

Will the Candy Make it to Halloween?

Will the Candy Make it to Halloween?

Do you find yourself stocking up on Halloween candy early – you know the favorite types in the fun size packages?  But then what happens?

It’s hard to resist, they are only the small fun size pieces so just one won’t hurt – right?  But then what happens – one piece the first day often leads to a piece the next or maybe two and then before you know it – you need to replenish before the big day.

The stores understand we really don’t need to purchase our treats when we are purchasing the decorations and costumes – but they have it located right beside them because they know people will purchase the candy too.  They also realize they will probably have the opportunity to sell you more again before Halloween!

There are a few simple things you can do to ensure you won’t need to purchase a second stash.

I’ve been there done that – the one little piece one day often leads to needing to replenish the stash the day before Halloween – how many pieces was that anyway???  Maybe a pound – on me!

Then guess what?  When I ran to the store, they had not run out, in fact they had plenty to choose from.

I decided that things needed to change the next year – I was not going to get into the candy again but I needed to be creative in how to manage it.

First If I’m going to purchase early – why buy my favorite type?  It isn’t for me anyway.  It really is for the little kids so I purchase types I don’t care about.  The kids will eat almost any type or they can give it to a friend.

If it is something I might be tempted with – then I need to put it in a location which is out of sight and out of mind.  In my home that is the coat closet.  I rarely need a coat before Halloween – so I won’t be reminded by it since I don’t ever see it!

These simple ideas have made my trips for a second round of candy a thing of the past.

Growing up with a weight problem, I found that simple tricks can help me stay focused on keeping the weight off and it has worked for decades.

For three simple tips to Jump Start Your metabolism just CLICK HERE to receive your copy of the “3 Simple Steps to Jump Start Your Metabolism”.  Not only will they help you beat the urge for that Halloween candy, but you could actually drop a couple pounds before the big day.

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