[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]This is for you if you are….

  • Sick and tired of losing weight, counting points, eliminating your favorite foods, gaining the weight back and then having to do it over and over again
  • Wanting to STOP dieting forever, feel fabulous in a swim suit and fit into your skinny jeans
  • Against giving up your favorite foods or following a strict diet
  • Wanting to remove the guilt, frustration and negative self-image the diet industry has created within you
  • A lover great food, fine wine, beautiful deserts and chocolate and you don’t want to give them up

Imagine if you could just wave a magic wand…..

  • Lose the weight you desire and keep it off without worry about regaining
  • Not have to change your life in order to change your body
  • Feel great in your skinny jeans and swimsuit
  • Be able to do all the things you desire without worrying about your weight getting in the way
  • Love your body
  • Transform your life into the life you love

It’s NOT your FAULT

  • Diets and counting points have caused you to lose muscle and decrease your metabolism
  • 30% of the weight you lost was LEAN muscle
  • You believed the diet industry yet they gave you bad advice

This system is designed to….

  • Once and for all end the pain of losing weight and gaining it back over and over so that you can lose the weight, keep it off without having to ever diet again and wear your skinny jeans proudly wherever you want to go!

Never Diet Again Plan (forget the points and fit into your skinny jeans Forever) Four Week Program

Super Charge your Start – Your first 24 hours 

  • You will jump start your metabolism the first minute of your program
  • Your Quick start plan without ever counting points or calories
  • Eat the Foods you Love and still lose weight
  • No need to just eat greens and tofu

Never Diet Again Plan 

  • Design your success path be creating your own rules and guidelines for lasting weight loss
  • There are NO forbidden foods
  • Be empowered to be the person in control of your eating
  • Enjoy your sweets without the worry of weight gain or points

Eliminating your food Traps and Triggers

  • Discover how you can have your cake and eat it too
  • Simple methods to deal with food pressures
  • Uncover your big WHYs that cause you to eat
  • Arm yourself with tools and hacks to win at your weight loss

Guilt Free Eating for Life

  • Discover what your negative critic is really saying
  • Uncover your real truth
  • Be empowered with new techniques to quiet your inner critic
  • Be FREE of the guilt dieting has caused  

Remember you will:  

  • Never need to count points again
  • Forget Diets Forever
  • Fit into your Skinny Jeans
  • Live the Life You LOVE


Each session will be recorded and the recording link will be sent to you after each session

Never Diet Again Plan Tool Kit

  • Tool #1 – Super Charge Your Quick Start Guide
  • Tool #2 – Simple Balanced Plate Planning Chart
  • Tool #3 – 5 Ways to Handle your Emotions
  • Tool #4 – New Techniques to Silence Your Inner Critic
  • Tool #5 – 3 Simple ways to Start Your Day Right
  • Tool #6 – Your Forever Success Design

My Personal Help

  • Weekly group Q&A call
  • E-mail support for your personal questions and concerns

Getting your Move on

  • Easy ways to increase your metabolism with simple movements
  • Quick and easy 2-10 minutes per day

Daily check ins to instantly increase your metabolism

30 minute Private planning session with Cathy

  • Laser focused for life time results
  • Your Forever Eating Plan
  • Forget counting points and dieting forever