Your Thought Life – Have You REALLY Given It Much Thought? 

Your thought life – have you REALLY given it much thought? 

When reviewing our mental system, we need to review what’s going on within our mind!  Our mental system is the area of our thought life, self-image, perception and patterns.  Health and wellness in our mental system is having harmony in our thought life and thought patterns.  In other words – we are having positive thoughts about our self-image, how we speak to our self, our perception of our world and how we treat our mind and our body.

It is important to take a minute and sneak a peek into what is going on inside our mind.  Your thoughts are only yours.  You are the only person who can determine what is in balance within your mental system and what areas maybe could use a little adjusting.

I have found that often my clients are aware they have some negative though patterns, self-image and perceptions, yet they may not be aware these negative patterns are associated with outcomes they are creating in their lives.

Naomi Judd once said – “Your body hears everything your mind says.”  Please think about that for a couple minutes.  What are you saying to your mind?  Is it always positive or is it peppered with some negative self-talk?  Is it balanced – or more one sided?  Would you say the same things to your best friend as you might say to yourself?

Another issue I have found is sometimes people want to put the blame onto someone or something else – other people, situations or things outside them – believing they have no control.  However, remember, we are each in control of our own mind and we have the ability to create a positive mindset!

A simple way to begin to create better balance in your mental system would be to become conscious of your thought life.  Where do your mind and thoughts drift to.  Notice where and what you spend the majority of your thought life.  What is your body hearing?  Is there a positive thought you could begin to use to replace a negative one?

Sometimes by engaging the power of gratitude, we can begin to look at something with a more positive light.  For instance our body – just think of all it does for you each and every day – from the time you wake up in the morning until you go to bed at night.  It could begin with a simple “Thank You” for moving and providing me enough energy to get me through this day!

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